Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cursive- New York

Every now and again one comes across a store where one can spend ages pawing over their little treasures. 

A store called "Cursive" within the magical ABC Carpet and Home is such a place. Since childhood I have LOVED beautiful stationary. I save pretty note cards as though they are treasures. 

Cursive New York provided me with a treasure trove of yummy paper and writing products. I was transfixed!!

Whilst shopping there, I met MK, the store manager, who was equally enamored with the Bauble Nest jewels I was wearing. We held a little mutual appreciation club meeting for a while and then parted ways. I didn't make it to the new Cursive Store on Grand Central Station, but I believe it is amazing. 

Check out MK's blog at and their website at

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