Monday, July 20, 2009

Jacqueline Coates

I remember the first time I saw a painting by Jacqueline Coates. My breath was literally taken away. It was in a friend's dining room in Balmain, Sydney. I immediately went home and researched how I could get one for myself.
We moved to Chicago soon after and I never did make it down to South Australia to meet her and purchase a painting of my own. Still on my list of things to do though.
I would also love to do one of her weekend workshops. I believe they are amazing. I love it that she wants to share her craft with others. When I get home I will be first in line!

Check out Jacqueline's amzing work and range of products for sale!


  1. Thanks so much for your beautiful comments. Hope Chicago is going well.
    Do visit when you are in SA next!
    best wishes Jacqueline Coates

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