Monday, July 6, 2009

My New Entry Way

It's official. I am obsessed. I adore new furniture and have been spying these pieces for weeks now. Today they are mine. All mine!!

Heritage Trail Mall at 410 ridge road, Wilmette, Il is my favourite place to shop. I purchased the mirror from Jodie's booth and the table from Alexis Vintiques who also has a booth at Heritage Trail.

My 2 year old has been well trained and calls it "the treasure store"!!
I should add that the jar with the gold lid belonged to my favourite Aunty Pat. It is actually Estee Lauder packaging from the 50s. Nothing like that 50s glamour. You can still smell the face cream when you open the jar. The Blue lamp is one of a pair from Monica Child's booth at Heritage Trail and the vase is my birthday present from my mum Judy in Sydney.

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