Monday, November 2, 2009

Ebay Vignette

It all started rather innocently when I decided to "stage" my house for sale. I felt like it needed a little sprucing. A little soul. I mentioned this to some girlfriends and to my delight I started to receive the most tantalizing emails of all "The Huntress saw this on ebay and thought of you". Not only am I easily lead, I am also a recovering shopaholic, so ebay has been kind of disastrous for me, but JUST TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT I GOT!!!!!!

Ebay Ginger Jar with Lid
A crazy $14 (US)

Blue Foo Dog
From Tres Maison
Heritage Trail Mall, Wilmette
$10 (US)

Small Anthropologie Dish
(which no one is allowed to put anything in cos its too pretty)
$15 (US)

Ornate Ebay Mirror
$157 with shipping.

Random Parrot
Brownstone Antiques, Andersonville Chicgago
$3 (US)

Ebay Pink Vase
$12 (US)
My Ebay Vignette

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