Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grey Days Indeed

My Obsession with grey is no secret. My house is grey, much of my wardrobe is grey, my cat is grey. Basically I just can't get enough of it. Grey, white, beige, pale blue and ivory is my favourite colour combination. Subtle and soft and easy on the eye. It figures that a large proportion of my range is comprised of these subtle colours.

Grey Droplet Scarf in Medium 70cm x 180cm $40 AU or Large 1m x 2m $50 AU

Medium Droplet Scarf in the Palest of Blues 70cm x 180cm
$40 AU

Ivory Droplet Scarf in Medium 70cm x 180cm $40 AU or Large 1m x 2m $50 AU

Mix with Shell Beads in one of our 3 colours or, when in doubt, white it out!!

White Shell Bead Necklace $25 AU

Ice the cake with these double tear drops. Just so beautiful and light.

Gold and Clear Double Tear Drops $35 AU

Now float away on a dream!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hot Right Now

Only just added but selling out fast. Log on now to Zjoosh to purchase while stocks lasts.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

They're Here!!!!

The three favourite colours are back and in stock having completely sold out!

Large Ivory Droplet $50 AU

Large Pale Blue Droplet $50 AU

Large Grey Droplet $50 AU

These colours also available in mid size cut 70cm x 180cm for $40 AU. Available online tonight or email me now at and I'll pop them in today's post for you!!!

Take Me Everywhere Country Road

It seems like forever ago, but for 10 years of my life while I was at school and uni, I worked for Country Road Australia. I have to admit, that while Country Road is often quite safe, I still love to shop there for basics. Being an accessories junkie, mostly what I am looking for in apparel is simplicity. Country Road still nails it for me. I rarely walk out empty handed, even if its just a plain white t shirt for me to Zjoosh any way I like.
Country Road Black Jumpsuit $129 AU

Gorgeous Country Road Grey Jersey Dress $179
Country Road Black Maxi Dress $249 AU

Team any of these pieces and add a little ZJOOSH. Maybe a tassel scarf?
Tassel Scarf Bronze $50 AU

New Piece Arriving this Week. Price to be Determined

Black Tassel Scarf $50 AU

New Piece Arriving this Week. Price to be Determined

Gypsy Gold Coin Necklace $30 AU

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flannel Dreaming

Have you been inside Flannel yet? Creator Kristy Lawrence has nailed it for me. Entering a flannel store is like entering a dream world. The pieces literally whisper "relax". The fabrics are so soft and luxurious. You'll want to climb inside one of her "Dreamer" dresses pictured below and ...well.... just dream away.

The "Unwind" dress below is one of those pieces every girl needs in her capsule wardrobe. I adore it. Imagine it with a single strand of Zjoosh Shell Disk Beads. SO stunningly simple.
Zjoosh Shell Disk Necklace in White
$25 AU
See here

Soft muted tones. Not a loud lurid colour in sight. Pour me a glass of cold Cloudy Bay Savignon Blanc, lead me to a hammock and hand me a copy of this month's Inside Out! I'm in heaven!


Loving the beautiful silk creations by Australian Designer Anu. The unstructured style which lends itself so perfectly to long necklaces, shell or brass or embroidered silk. These creations can be made seem so casual with flat strappy sandals or knock 'em dead with killer heels. I need one, or three.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Colour Love

Painting my house interior entirely in Dulux Brilliant white has made me fall in love with strong bright colours for furniture and accessories. I am drawn to this wallpaper from my all time fave store anthropologie. I have no use for it right now, but could even imagine a piece of it framed in my all white living room. So cheerful!

Also, I feel as though these chairs from Anna Spriro were made for me. They are just so gorgeous. Apparently this fabric is not available anymore. Such a shame. I have put in my request to purchase the 2 remaining pillows in her store. Merry Christmas to me!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Apricot Maybe

I will admit it that when I opened the box and saw that the pale pink scarves I had ordered were in fact apricot, I almost cried. Not because I didn't like the colour, but more because it was just not what I had been expecting. Between packing and shipping today I decided to play dress ups and see if this apricot scarf could be a goer for me. I mixed and matched and have decided it might just be my new fave. In fact I wore it home with my antique gold gladiator cuff and my gypsy gold coin necklace. Nothing like some new Zjoosh to make a girl look forward to the weekend!!!!!!
Large Apricot Droplet Scarf $50

Gypsy Gold Coin Necklace $30
Add Image
Gladiator Cuff (Antique Gold) $30

Check these and other glorious treats out at

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Splash

I am feeling the need to make a big splash. I am expecting these pieces in the next couple of weeks. Fingers Crossed before christmas. Wouldn't your New Year's Eve get up be that little bit more fun with one of these yummy pieces!! Stay tuned for news of their arrival. These will soon be available on the Zjoosh Website which is almost ready to launch!!!!!!

Imagi of one any these with the simplest of floaty kaftans or a plain white t-shirt and s comfy pair of harem pants. Perfect! Should be here mid next week!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Could it be that Martha's restaurant at Castlecrag is just about the prettiest spot to have lunch with a girlfriend. I was blown away by the gorgeous flower arrangements and artwork for sale on the walls. The food was delicious and the shopping in Castlecrag afterwards was an absolute treat!

83 Edinburgh Rd
Castlecrag NSW 2068
(02) 9967 8299

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Suboo Find

I recently foun myself stuck behind a bus in traffic on Darling Street Balmain. Right before my eyes on the back of that big ole bus was an advert for Suboo. I have been looking for summer floaty frocks that could take me from the beach straight out to dinner. Suboo is my new favourite little spot. Now I am not averse to paying over the odds if I am completely smitten, but to my delight these little darlings are quite affordable (Between $150 and $200) and seem pretty jolly perfect for the silly season cocktail parties and the like on my calendar right now.
Can't wait to wear them with some Zjoosh accessories.

Zjoosh Indian Inspired Gold and Pearl Drop Earrings
$20 AU

Zjoosh Gypsy Gold Coin Necklace
$30 AU

I couldn't decide on which one so I have ordered two. You will find me sitting on the front step waiting for the courier to arrive in the morning!! Check out Suboo here.

Zjoosh Launch

Well I have finally launched my aussie business. Zjoosh. The website should be live this week which is very exciting. We will let you know. Amongst the yummies we are offering are these fabulous %100 cotton scarves 1m x 2m and available in a myriad of colours. There is also a smaller version 50cm x 180cm for those who like a little less fabric.

I have not left the house without one since April which means they are TOTALLY trans-seasonal. What better holiday gift could there possibly be?

Scarves $50 AU

Layer these with our shell bead necklaces and wrap bracelets for an exotic look.

Long Shell Neclaces $25 AU each.
Available in white, cool gray and warm gray.

Shell Flower Bracelet $35 AU

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mirror Mirror

For instant pizazz I say a floor mirror is the absolute best solution. There are so many beautiful ones to chose from, particularly if you are blessed to be in North America and have access to Restoration Hardware. Large mirrors give the illusion of more space and light and if placed at just the right angle, can make one appear slimmer and taller to oneself, even if not to others.

See these and more stunners in the new Restoration Hardware catalogue. They are not only gorgeous, but surprisingly great value.

Delish super ornate floor mirror from Horchow. I think this one is my fave.

So Simple. Loving the gold!! The Huntress taught me this.
Awesome venetian style mirror from Modan Furniture.