Thursday, March 18, 2010

French Chateu

My friend Kel, has just purhcased an awesome house in Chicago. The Huntress and I are on a frenzied search for inspiration for redecoration ideas. Here are some faves.

images from here

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ebay Dream Come True

My love affair with Ebay began about 2 years ago. I've had way more hits than misses. I am convinced there is nothing quite like the thrill of "winning" what you've NEEDED for so long. It awakens in me that competitive spirit that had lain dormant since year 10 maths.

Just look what the Ebay bunny brought me yesterday! An incredible win after a tough battle where I fearlessly thrashed my competitors. I almost wept tears of joy when my trophy was delivered.

A gorgeous Louis IV stlyle sofa upholstered in a deep plum fabric. Not velvet, but it will do nicely for now till I have it reupholstered.

So exhilarated was I that I made a bee line for Spotlight for some fabric in order to craft these pillows.

I have been without my trusty sewing machine for 4 years. The reunion was a happy one. I sat behind my Brother Machine, stitching some yummy vintage style fabrics whilst watching three episodes of Sex and the City- a perfect night in in my book!

I keep visiting my new "win" just to make sure it's not a dream. I'm sitting on it right now. Wearing my nicest dress. Its real! I won!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

IKEA finds.

There is something extremely therapeutic about a trip to IKEA. Just walking into the place triggers a bit of excitement at the thought of new beginnings. A chance to start afresh. To wipe the slate clean.

am not really mad about the furniture. At almost 100 years old, I am over the whole planned obsolescence thing. I have chucked my share of IKEA sofas in my day. Let's face it though, crockery breaks over time and you can never really have enough of it when it comes in this absolutely to die for shade of robbin's egg blue.

Can't go wrong with about 15 of these jars for storing everything from rice, to crayons.

What about this cake plate!!!!! So sweet. I put cupcakes on mine this afternoon and the kids and I all sat down to a nice afternoon tea. Aren't I just the next June Cleaver! Not really. I bought them at Drummoyne Bakehouse on my way home from IKEA so I could use my new cake plate.

Great basket for magazines, Thomas trains of whatever else is lying about and would look better shoved in a basket.

Oh and these are not from IKEA, but from a little shop in Lane Cove called Living and Giving. Couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw a Cath Kidston print in Sydney. Apparently she has licensed her designs to Queen's Kitchen. Lucky old me scored the last 2 in the store.

BTW have you seen "500 Days of Summer". Divine movie. Out now on DVD. Awesome IKEA scene in it. Loved it. See it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Extreme Retail Therapy

I've left my friends behind in Chicago. I have no furniture for another month, and I've had 3 minor car accidents in a week, BUT.................... Its amazing how a few little acquisitions can make a girl's frown turn upside down!

I received my ginger jars I "won" on Ebay AND I spent the entire day shopping my head off with girlfriends. The day hit a fabulous cresendo when we reached Fleur Wood. I felt I might have died and gone to heaven. Begged to purhcase the curtains but sadly, no go.

This yellow one is my special fave.