Sunday, November 28, 2010

Suboo Find

I recently foun myself stuck behind a bus in traffic on Darling Street Balmain. Right before my eyes on the back of that big ole bus was an advert for Suboo. I have been looking for summer floaty frocks that could take me from the beach straight out to dinner. Suboo is my new favourite little spot. Now I am not averse to paying over the odds if I am completely smitten, but to my delight these little darlings are quite affordable (Between $150 and $200) and seem pretty jolly perfect for the silly season cocktail parties and the like on my calendar right now.
Can't wait to wear them with some Zjoosh accessories.

Zjoosh Indian Inspired Gold and Pearl Drop Earrings
$20 AU

Zjoosh Gypsy Gold Coin Necklace
$30 AU

I couldn't decide on which one so I have ordered two. You will find me sitting on the front step waiting for the courier to arrive in the morning!! Check out Suboo here.

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