Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flannel Dreaming

Have you been inside Flannel yet? Creator Kristy Lawrence has nailed it for me. Entering a flannel store is like entering a dream world. The pieces literally whisper "relax". The fabrics are so soft and luxurious. You'll want to climb inside one of her "Dreamer" dresses pictured below and ...well.... just dream away.

The "Unwind" dress below is one of those pieces every girl needs in her capsule wardrobe. I adore it. Imagine it with a single strand of Zjoosh Shell Disk Beads. SO stunningly simple.
Zjoosh Shell Disk Necklace in White
$25 AU
See here

Soft muted tones. Not a loud lurid colour in sight. Pour me a glass of cold Cloudy Bay Savignon Blanc, lead me to a hammock and hand me a copy of this month's Inside Out! I'm in heaven!

1 comment:

  1. The beaded homemade dress with the combination of chiffon is so adorable. The size of that maxi is small, but it is incredibly the best than the long one. Same like my assignment help is used for the short essay as compared to the long one.