Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grey Days Indeed

My Obsession with grey is no secret. My house is grey, much of my wardrobe is grey, my cat is grey. Basically I just can't get enough of it. Grey, white, beige, pale blue and ivory is my favourite colour combination. Subtle and soft and easy on the eye. It figures that a large proportion of my range is comprised of these subtle colours.

Grey Droplet Scarf in Medium 70cm x 180cm $40 AU or Large 1m x 2m $50 AU

Medium Droplet Scarf in the Palest of Blues 70cm x 180cm
$40 AU

Ivory Droplet Scarf in Medium 70cm x 180cm $40 AU or Large 1m x 2m $50 AU

Mix with Shell Beads in one of our 3 colours or, when in doubt, white it out!!

White Shell Bead Necklace $25 AU

Ice the cake with these double tear drops. Just so beautiful and light.

Gold and Clear Double Tear Drops $35 AU

Now float away on a dream!!!


  1. Lovely scarves! They look cozy and fabulous! Enjoy the holidays, Kellie xx

  2. this looks so amazing thanks for sharing this beautiful post

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