Monday, January 24, 2011

Purple Reigns!!!

OK so I am ALL OVER the colour purple at the moment. We just received the most divine tassel scarves in a deep purple that I am aching to wear. I will post about them as soon as they have been photographed. The combination of purple with turquoise is just about my perfect colour combination of all time. Look at how Cameron Diaz just nails this look! These gorgeous new pieces are now available online at combine all of these pretty things with your punchiest fuscia or purple frock and step out. Just think about the splash you could make at those late summer parties.

Golden Bib Necklace $65 (AU)

Turquoise Glass Beaded Bib $65 (AU)

Multi Stranded Gold and Glass Beaded Necklace $45 (AU)

Silver Bib Necklace $65 (AU)


  1. Uau! Beautiful! I love necklaces!
    Lena Muniz

  2. Those are gorgeous necklaces. Online fashion shopping is one of the things I love doing on my free time and I might just go for one of these.

  3. Whatever angle it is, purple really reigns! Everyone must learn how to admire all beautiful things around them.

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