Saturday, February 26, 2011

Random Sunday

I have been spying on these gorgeous little birds cut from china plates. To die for from Must get one. They are haunting my dreams.

Bagged these little cuties at a trade show last week. Am planning to stock them in our new store! Details to follow!!

Did a bit of a tidy up this moring and hung an old print I purchased on Etsy ages ago.
I truly forgot how much I loved this little print. The frame is gorgeous.

Here she is. The Huntress tipped me off on this one. She thought it reminded her of one of my daughters. Of course I bought it. I am very obedient when it comes to the Huntress!

Tidied my home desk too. Re-did my inspiration board. One of my most favourite past times is to make them. They wind up being poor man's art for casual spaces.

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  1. I ADORE that ballet pic!!! So glad I made you buy it :) xoxo