Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Romancing the Kitchen

When we first moved in to our home a year ago, I set about "de-yellowing" the kitchen with a cheap and cheerful makeover. It is a teeny tiny space, but I figured if I could make it cute (and a little bit romantic and glamorous). I would be able to put up with it until we renovated the house and created our dream kitchen.

I have been mocked for my chandelier in the kitchen, but I love the juxtaposition of the shabby cabinets with the crystal and gold chandelier from my fave Sydney vintage shop, Vintage Glamour in Drummoyne.

One year on, and the kitchen is still tiny, but a quick coat of paint the other night, a cheap organza blind, and a window box under the sash window, has given me enough pep in my step to put up with its size for just a bit longer. Excuse the traces of breakfast and morning phone calls on the counter. I am still mastering the art of cleaning as I go.

While my gourmet kitchen remains a dream for the moment, I must say that there is something so liberating about making do with shabby spaces. If I had installed a state of the art kitchen, I would have played it safe and chosen neutral cabinets. The thought that this kitchen is not forever, allows me to be a little more brave and creative

To the right of my Ebay mirror is a little wall vase given to me by my mum, Judy. She had purchased it for her own mother 52 years ago with her first ever pay. It means the world to me, so I have put it in a spot where I will see it all the time.

It is something I would have payed dearly for because it is beautiful in its own right. The fact that it was a gift and that I am the 3rd woman in my family to own it and love it makes it absolutely priceless.


  1. Lovely kitchen! I love the colors! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

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