Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharing the Bounty

Australian Interiors guru, Shannon Fricke can always be depended upon to share her gems of knowledge. It's something I have come to LOVE about the blogging world - that whole women sharing their knowledge with women thing. It seems to me that sharing our ideas and discoveries through blogs and other social media has blown new life into the whole notion of celebrating the pretty things we admire.

In my day to day life, I actively avoid those unsisterly types who hold their secrets so close to their chests, not sharing recipes or where they purchased this or that. What is that? I don't understand it for the life of me and wonder if they know the joy of "sharing the love". Afterall what goes around comes around right? In the blogging world, non sharers don't exist. If your'e not into sharing, then you probably don't blog.

Aaaaanyway thanks to Sharing Shannon, my trip to LA will be all the more "bountiful" due to her recent blogpost pointing me to home wares emporium Bountiful in Santa Monica CA. Take a peak. Its gorgeous and I'm going there!!!

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