Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shelve It!

We did a little "tart up" of our "nanna pink" bathroom. A coat of tile paint and grey for the walls was just about the speediest, thrifty little makeover we could hope for. Eventually the whole bathroom will be gutted and refitted, but I just couldn't handle the wave of nausea in the meantime when I saw the pink. Enter Tony the handyman, loads of White Knight tile primer and paint and voila!!!

I had purchased the little shelf brackets from Anthropologie in my mad dash to buy everything I could get my hands on before I left America. Shelves from Bunnings for about $10.00 painted white by Moi! Vignette cobbled together from flea market finds in America and inherited crystal from dear Aunty Pat.

Gorgeous old oil painting from Claphams Furniture in Lane Cove for just $35.00 and vintage Estee Lauder jar from beautiful Aunty Pat. Letter "R"- a perfect gift from my beautiful friend Kel.

From there I got on a bit of a shelf rush and purchased these from Ikea. Had fun arranging my original Michael Herron nude sketch, antlers (I have about 10 pairs from my friend Gav in Arkansas) and my French starburst mirror from Vintage Pine in Chicago. Some ginger jars from Two's Company and some more from Ebay (I had a ginger jar fetish for a while there). I also added a pair of Chinoiserie prints and some gold foo dogs I purchased with theHuntress at a garage sale in wilmette. Decorating books add a little colour. They are my true love and weakness- I have so many it's ridiculous.